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    SciVest provides its clients discretionary investment management services within each client’s own individual separately managed account. A SciVest Direct separately managed account is your own individually managed investment account in which you wholly and directly own in your name each and every individual security. SciVest simply has trading authority over your separately managed account so that SciVest can execute trades within your account. SciVest has no authority to move money or securities into or out of your account – we can only execute trades on your behalf within your separately managed account.

    Your investment account is set up at one of our approved broker/custodians – currently either Interactive Brokers Canada Inc. or Aviso Wealth (Credential Qtrade Securities Inc). As broker they provide brokerage trade execution of your SciVest Direct separately managed account security trades, and as custodian they hold and protect all of your separately managed account investment portfolio assets. The broker/custodian also provides all tax reporting, as well as Canadian Investor Protection Fund (“CIPF”) insurance on your SciVest Direct separately managed account. Our broker/custodians were chosen because of their large size, safety, service offering, and competitive pricing.